Bloodstained Robot Liberator

This week, Alex and Justin talk about the controversial 90’s anime “”Kite”” and the impact it had in other media. They also discuss it’s sequel ..if you can call it that, before moving on to a kickstarter fund for a new video game from an ex-Konami designer/producer. They also talk about a cool international robot competition from DARPA before being confused about a tweet they found from PETA.

Meanwhile, in Japan, criminal activity is afoot as the theft of this essential, but unlikely, item is at an all time high!

Mentioned in this Episode:
Kite Trailer (Fan-made, and really good)
No Doubt “Ex Girlfriend” music video
Kite (Live Action 2014) trailer
Kite: Liberator trailer
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Robotics Challenge
Umbrella Theft
Music: “”Drive”” by Alex Beroza ft cdk and Darryl J

Written by John Pingel


The Bull of the Woods, If You Will.