Episode 16: Guardian of the Dark Hadouken Hologram

Justin and Alex finish up their look at “Ore Monogatari / My Love Story!” and start on the fantasy anime “Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit”. In the world of tech, they look at an upcoming holographic housemate and an indoor farm ran almost entirely by robots! Have you been playing Final Fantasy Explorers? Alex and Justin have! They give an update on their progress before sharing the details of a Final Fantasy Cafe, what Capcom did to promote the release of Street Fighter V and an interesting Dark Souls contest!

Mentioned in this Episode:
Ore Monogatari / My Love Story!
Live Action Ore Monogatari trailer
Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit trailer
Robot Farm
Gatebox Hologram
Amazon Echo Superbowl commercial
Eorzea (Final Fantasy) Cafe
Hadoken Ramen
Dark Souls 3 trailer contest

Music: “Drive” by Alex Beroza ft cdk and Darryl J

Written by John Pingel

Here Comes The Money

Too Many Jays