Episode 20: Colonel’s Revenge: PS2 Erased

This week Justin and Alex finish talking about the baseball anime, “”Ace of Diamond”” and a Japanese baseball curse on the Hanshin Tigers that’s lasted over 30 years, similar to the curse on the Boston Red Sox. They also start a new, darker anime “”Erased”” and give their first thoughts on the show.

Alex gives some quick updates on Miitomo and Neko Atsume. Then the duo dive deep into the upcoming Final Fantasy XV and all the goodies coming with it! If you enjoy music without having to use headphones and burgers made out of ramen, make sure you listen in and get more details!

Mentioned in this Episode:
Music: “”Drive”” by Alex Beroza ft cdk and Darryl J
“Ace of Diamond” Intro
“Erased” trailer
Japan Esports Visa
Ear Free Audio
More Ear Free Audio
Red Ramen Burger
More Red Ramen Burger

Written by John Pingel

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