Episode 21: Shokugeki at the Cafe of Souls

Alex and Justin finish their look at the dark thriller “”Erased”” and begin a fun ecchi series called “”Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma.”” They also have news about a cosplayer doing voiceover work for an ecchi video game and talk about a step into the future with drones.

Like Sailor Moon? Alex and Justin tell you about a new mobile game, fun figures coming out, a pop up cafe and a short term exhibit featuring the pretty guardians. They also talk about an upcoming metal and Jpop fusion group gaining popularity in the US and an official Dark Souls board game!

Mentioned in this Episode:
“Erased” trailer
“Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma” trailer
Jessica Nigri / Super Sonico
Babymetal music video “Karate”
Sailor Moon Drops
Sailor Moon Funko Pop Figures
Sailor Moon Cafe
Sailor Moon Energy Drink
Dark Souls 3 opening cinematic trailer
Dark Souls Board Game Kickstarter

Music By:
“Drive”” by Alex Beroza ft cdk and Darryl J

Written by John Pingel

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