04 – Knights of the Kingdom of Taco Bell

Alex and Justin are back to discuss anime and the increasing use of CG. They watched a Studio Ghibli documentary, KanColle and the Netflix original anime, Knights of Sidonia. Want to customize your PS4? They found a way that keeps your warranty intact. They also talk about Bloodborne, Box Boy, Splatoon and 3DS Streetpass before ending with an adapter that turns your smartphone into a Gameboy! Meanwhile in Japan, a fun lung exercise tool has been created and Taco Bell returns after 20 years!

Mentioned in the Show:
Kingdom of Dreams and Madness trailer
Animating in Japan
Space Pirate Captain Harlock trailer
KanColle Intro video
Knights of Sidonia season 1 trailer
Project Skylight
Bloodborne Trailer
Box Boy Trailer
Splatoon Trailer
Smart Boy Phone Adapter
Long Piropiro
Taco Bell back in Japan

Our Music:
“Drive by Alex Beroza feature CDK and Darryl J

Written by John Pingel

Sami Zayn, GFW, and Crazy Bob Backlund

012 – “Happy Birthday to You”