Episode 13: Costume Draft

It’s Halloween so OF COURSE we’re going to talk about costumes and try to predict the trends that will define 2020’s spookiest season. This was recorded shortly after the release of Crusader Kings 3, as of posting this episode Nick now has 101.2 played hours–luckily he only talks about it for maybe 5 minutes straight uninterrupted in this episode and learned his lesson and never talks about it again in future recordings! We also discuss Tik-Tok and other social media (Or, to those in the know, the soc meeds) and why we avoid them. Is Ksenia Solo the new David Paymer? STAY TUNED AND FIND OUT!

Our art is by @ManOverMars and our intro and outro music is Dansez by the band Fasions. We’re a proud member of the Night of the Living Geeks network of podcasts, feel free to donate to them at

You can find Nick and Classi on Twitter and Instagram, @wehavesnacks and @classigetssassi on both platforms. Additionally, Classi streams on Twitch at while Nick… Doesn’t even own a webcam and is bad at video games anyway.

Written by John Pingel

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