Talk à Deux: Episode 21: UnicornPooplibs

Talk a Deux Season Two (which RHYMES) rolls along with a remarkably abstract question that has both of us wondering the difference between fall and winter–not literally, of course, we all know that winter is when Persephone is in the underworld with Hades because we’re cool Hellenistic teens. Classi reads a letter and soup is finally given its time to shine.

For our activity we play another round of MadLibs and see if you can identify the moment Nick gives up on his pledge to be maximum raunch and settles into the groove of medium to medium-rare raunch instead!

It’s the episode where we ask what actually IS an adjective!

Our art is by @ManOverMars and our intro and outro music is Dansez by the band Fasions. We’re a proud member of the Night of the Living Geeks network of podcasts, feel free to donate to them at

You can find Nick and Classi on Twitter and Instagram, @wehavesnacks and @ClassiGetsSassi on both platforms. Additionally, Classi streams on Twitch at while Nick… Doesn’t even own a webcam and is bad at video games anyway.

Written by ClassiGetsSassi

ClassiGetsSassi is an interactive caster on Twitch and co-host of Talk à Deux, a variety podcast where they talk about anything and nothing at all and hopefully get you talking too. As a Twitch caster she is focused on the three Ss - Shooters, Simulators, and Survival - who will infect you with positivity and a laugh to match. Occasionally, has a disembodied hand.

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