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The Mandrel!

Podcastica: Episode 268: Nightmare of Eden OR This is Your Brain on Mandrels

December 13, 2022
The Doctor side-eyes Melkur

Podcastica: Episode 262: The Keeper of Traken OR Leave It to Beevers

September 6, 2022
The Doctor talks to a Gundan

Podcastica: Episode 261: Warrior’s Gate OR Mobile Suit Gundan Wing

August 23, 2022
The Vampires from State of Decay

Podcastica: Episode 260: State of Decay OR Immature Hominoid, Non-Hostile

August 9, 2022

It's a Marshman!

Podcastica: Episode 259: Full Circle OR The Marshmen Have The TARDIS

July 27, 2022

Podcastica: Episode 258: Meglos OR Brotadac’s Burgundy Dreamcoat

July 12, 2022
The Doctor Separated in the Magic Closet

Podcastica: Episode 257: The Leisure Hive OR Copy! Paste! Pangol!

July 1, 2022
The Nimon be Praised!

Podcastica: Episode 255: The Horns of Nimon OR Full Send Soldeed!

May 31, 2022

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