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    s03e25: What Do You Call A Front Cape

    It’s that time of the week where we talk about all our favorite superhero shows, even though none of them currently have capes, boo! Come listen in as we give recaps and theories for Legends of Tomorrow (s03e16), Black Lightning (s01e10), and Agents of SHIELD (s05e15). Plus tune in tomorrow for the first of two […] More

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    s03e21: The Dread Pirate Jiwe

    We’re hyped for all our shows this week but come on, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (s05e11) is back and rolling into their second story pod of this season. More happens in one episode of this show than we get in half a year of others and it’s bonkers! We have a full lineup this week […] More

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    s03e18: Goopy Ralph

    Come join us as Supergirl (s03e13) has her last episode before flipping over to Legends of Tomorrow and we’re just not super feeling it this week. Fortunately we have The Flash (s04e13) and all sorts of great weirdness, and Black Lightning (s01e04) continues to knock it out of the park! Come get all our thoughts […] More