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    Episode 73: Nightvisiting OR The Trouble With Tentacles

    In this week’s episode, John and Taylor tackle the third episode of the Doctor Who spin-off CLASS. In “Nightvisiting”, A bizarre hentai-esque creature comes through the rift and is out to feed on every last bit of delicious closure the people of earth are looking for. Apparently, the tastiest morsel is Tanya who isn’t quite […] More

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    Episode 72: CLASS OR Butchering Names & Killing Characters

    Whovians! Taylor somehow managed to travel through time and space to retrieve the DOCTOR WHO spin-off CLASS! He joins John for a pleasantly surprising discussion about both episodes 1 and 2 of this show! They try to figure out after all that has happened at Coal Hill…how is it even still open? Also, how excited […] More

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    Episode 71: The Deadly Assassin OR Jungle Shenanigans

    Whovians! PODcastica is back, and we ventured through the companionless Tom Baker serial THE DEADLY ASSASSIN! Tonight on CSI: GALLIFREY! The Doctor is called back to HQ, but finds himself framed for the death of the outgoing President. As old white guys conduct an internal investigation, it’s up to the Doctor to root out the […] More

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    Episode 4: Doctor Mysterio Jr.

    Hello, Whovians! This Is Where It Gets Complicated is back! This month, our trio of hosts speak at great length about TORCHWOOD S01E04: CYBERWOMAN. We found out first hand why secrets don’t make friends, that Ianto cries a whole lot, and that Owen is a creepy weirdo (and that’s putting it lightly). Then, it’s time […] More

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    Episode 69: The Mind Robber OR Not That Master

    The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe…in an attempt to escape a rather foamy volcano (or was it just indigestion?)…manage to explode the TARDIS and manage to find themselves in the Land of Fiction, only to experience one of the most brilliantly bonkers stories we’ve ever reviewed on Podcastica! Our hosts watched THE MIND ROBBER, and thinks […] More

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    Episode 67: Terror of the Zygons OR Mighty Morphin’ Zygon Rangers

    This week on PODcastica, our hosts traveled back in time to 1975 to visit Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, and Ian Marter in TERROR OF THE ZYGONS! Team TARDIS find themselves helping U.N.I.T. defeat a radical environmental group of shapeshifters determined to take over the world by using a cyborg that’s part sea monster, part chupacabra […] More

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    Kinda OR Two Tegans in Paradise

    We’re back and, oh boy, do we have a bonkers serial for you this week: The Fifth Doctor adventure: KINDA! As always, we go over some Who News. We talk briefly about a Doctor Who Comic Creator app and the Class cast! We, here at PODcastica, finally get around to see Adric as a major […] More


    Under The Lake

    John and Taylor find themselves in the middle of a literal ghost story in this week’s episode of PODcastica! We discuss the crew The Doctor and Clara come across, how insanely creepy the ghosts are, the TARDIS hand break, and the softening of Capaldi’s Doctor (not a bad thing). Also: Could “Under The Lake” be […] More