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    S02E10: The Post Thanksgiving Rundown

    Turkey Day happened here in the US so we have a short week of shows. With only two on the block, Supergirl (S02E07) was up first and so much happened this episode! Which storylines do we like, which could we do without and most importantly, how is Alex doing? Over on The Flash (S03E07) things […] More

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    The Spy Dimension

    We might be down a host, but our remaining trio is here to discuss all the superhero television goodness! This week, a priest walks into a bar on Lucifer(S01E09) and Clark Kent (at least OUR Clark Kent) makes a return appearance on Supergirl(S01E17)! We talk about all the trust issues Barry must have after this […] More

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    We’re Not Sand Scientists

    The regulars of Bam! Pow! TV are back! This week our hosts fight the urge to quit “Supergirl” after watching S01E10, talk about how cool The Turtle from S02E10 of “The Flash” was, the return of Anarchy in “Arrow” S04E10, the crazy awesomeness that was the pilot episode of “Legends of Tomorrow”, and S02E01 and […] More


    Asa Velociraptor

    Dylan and John explore the world of media news from the past week! What did Dylan think of the premieres of “Ballers, “The Brink”, and “True Detective”? How do they both feel about Tom Holland being cast as Spider-Man? Also, a “super group” listening challenge has been made to YOU, the listeners. Can you handle […] More