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    Episode 167: The Triumphant Return of Dr. Shelby!

    Our hosts are far from needing counseling, but they might be on their way after the past couple of weeks of RAW. On SMACKDOWN LIVE, they talk about the slap heard ’round the world. 205 LIVE was once again fantastic, and “THE LIST” button got a nice workout as well. Plus, some questions from Facebook! More

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    Episode 166: Business Casual Corbin

    Well, it’s been over TWO MONTHS since we last released an episode! We’re coming back at you with a slightly different format, but we’re still talking about all the weekly WWE programming! NXT TakeOver, Money in the Bank, RAW, Smackdown LIVE, and 205 Live! We also talk about the past week in professional wrestling news! […] More

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    Episode 153: A Drewtopian Fantasy

    The Royal Rumble is almost here! We’re pretty excited about it, but before that we have to talk about RAW, SMACKDOWN LIVE, and 205 LIVE! Marianne went to PWG’s MYSTERY VORTEX, and we get a recount of that event as well! Plus: Questions from Facebook! More

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    Episode 149: A Very Game Jason Jordan

    Tornado Tag Radio is back as a tag team this week! Marianne rejoins the podcast to bring us tales from the early 90’s! We briefly go over CLASH OF CHAMPIONS, followed by our disappointment in the Universal Championship match for ROYAL RUMBLE. On RAW, we had a fantastic announcement about the very first Rumble match […] More

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    Episode 148: The YEP Movement: Party of One.

    Well, it was bound to happen at some point. John has decided to go solo for this episode! He discusses the MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE, RAW, SMACKDOWN LIVE, and previews CLASH OF CHAMPIONS. Plus: When should a WWE referee call for the bell when someone interferes? John tells you that, plus much more! More

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    Episode 146: My Two Smackdown Dads

    John and Marianne recap both the RAW and SMACKDOWN LIVE after Survivor Series! What did they think about all the new talent debuting for women’s division? Will Smackdown Live’s two dads find a common ground? Plus, questions from Facebook! More

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