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    Episode 67: Terror of the Zygons OR Mighty Morphin’ Zygon Rangers

    This week on PODcastica, our hosts traveled back in time to 1975 to visit Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, and Ian Marter in TERROR OF THE ZYGONS! Team TARDIS find themselves helping U.N.I.T. defeat a radical environmental group of shapeshifters determined to take over the world by using a cyborg that’s part sea monster, part chupacabra […] More

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    Pyramids of Mars OR Disco Sarcophagus

    PODcastica’s JOURNEY THROUGH THE DOCTORS continues with the Tom Baker serial: Pyramids of Mars! Green lights of death, mummies you rather not hug, and the sharply dressed Sutekh!! Our hosts also go over a whole bunch of WHO NEWS! Last, but not least, The Duggan Smash Rating System returns! Mentioned in this Episode: John’s reaction […] More