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    Episode 83: Apocalypse is Johnny Five

    It’s been LITERALLY TWO MONTHS since we last saw you. How’s it going? That’s great. Us? Oh, well, we’ve been around. ANYWAY, we’re back! This week, our trio gets reacquainted with one another, and brings you so noteworthy entertainment news! They talk about OVERWATCH and UNCHARTED 4, and also give their thoughts on X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. […] More

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    The Baywitch Squad

    After a week off, YaketyCAST is back! John is joined VIA SATELLITE (or Skype) by Dylan and Ernesto, who are down in Santa Monica! Our trio talk about Zootopia, the Justice League movie, and the beginning of production on the Power Rangers movie! They also talk about the Ghostbusters trailer, Gotham, and the Legends of […] More

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    Brought To You By Spike TV! (Not Really)

    Join Ernesto and John on what could be THE LAST YAKETYCAST EVER. Eh, probably not. Although, Ernesto is moving down to South. So what a better way to send him off in style than by talking about some video games, movies, and TV! We have reviews for “The VVitch” and “Deadpool”, along with other movie […] More

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    Marianne Was Bitten By A Hamster

    Ernesto and John are joined this week by pineapple-hating guest host Marianne! The trio talk about the worst movie they’ve ever seen, the cancellation of Yahoo! Screen, and Steve from Blue’s Clues! They also talk about the hand full of trailers that came out in the past week, as well as some movie news! So […] More

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    Chili’s Stole Our Sunglasses

    Happy New Year from YaketyCAST! We’re all either hung over and sick, but we still got together to talk about the week that happened in media! We watched the trailer for “Everybody Wants Some”, which brought up some interesting comments about “Dazed and Confused”. It came out that Leonardo DiCaprio had turned down a couple […] More

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    Can We Talk About Deadpool?

    Happy Holidays from us here at YaketyCAST! This week, Ernesto and John are joined by Dylan as they talk about two huge movie releases: “The Force Awakens” and “The Hateful Eight”! Spoilers are ahead as they talk about both movies in detail, and they try to rank their favorite Quentin Tarantino movies in order. They […] More

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    A Very Spooky Halloween!

    Ernesto and John are joined by Dylan for a very spooky Halloween episode! We open the episode by talking about Dylan’s Storm Trooper escapades, and Ernesto pitches his version of a Power Rangers’ reboot. They talk about the new Suicide Squad pictures, Bad Santa 2, and a whole bunch of Gotham news! John also mistakes […] More

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    Haywire We Watching This?

    It’s been 25 episodes for Dylan, and he’s clearly had enough! Ernesto and John send him off in the only way they can think: by clapping their hearts out! The trio go over the news from all types of media from the last week, including all the shifting of upcoming Marvel films! They also talk […] More


    Under The Lake

    John and Taylor find themselves in the middle of a literal ghost story in this week’s episode of PODcastica! We discuss the crew The Doctor and Clara come across, how insanely creepy the ghosts are, the TARDIS hand break, and the softening of Capaldi’s Doctor (not a bad thing). Also: Could “Under The Lake” be […] More

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    Top Dolla, Make ‘Em Holla!

    This week on YaketyCAST, Dylan returns from LA to tell us all about his weekend! We get excited for The Splat, and Ernesto raps every 90’s theme song you can think of in the process! Meanwhile, John tries to get everyone interested in Heroes: Reborn, Dylan tells a story about a pitch for a movie […] More

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    Do You Want to Build a Podcast?

    This week’s episode is a crazy one! We decided to drink, and talk about the media from the past week! We watched a whole bunch of trailers (including The Jungle Book and In the Heart of the Sea). We also talked about Disney wanting Emily Blunt to play Mary Poppins, Gambit losing it’s director, and […] More

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