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    The Baywitch Squad

    After a week off, YaketyCAST is back! John is joined VIA SATELLITE (or Skype) by Dylan and Ernesto, who are down in Santa Monica! Our trio talk about Zootopia, the Justice League movie, and the beginning of production on the Power Rangers movie! They also talk about the Ghostbusters trailer, Gotham, and the Legends of […] More

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    Top Dolla, Make ‘Em Holla!

    This week on YaketyCAST, Dylan returns from LA to tell us all about his weekend! We get excited for The Splat, and Ernesto raps every 90’s theme song you can think of in the process! Meanwhile, John tries to get everyone interested in Heroes: Reborn, Dylan tells a story about a pitch for a movie […] More

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    Succeeding as a Micromanager

    KrrobarKAST is back! This week, Mike is joined by John as they discuss various television shows and the episodes that justify those shows! They also read some e-mails, and Mike talks about a strange request he received from a fan of his. Mentioned in this Episode: Inspector Spacetime on Community Senor Chang Rap Mike: Bookseller […] More