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Lunch Hour Anime Special

January 8, 2018

Super Sugoi CAST
Episode 18: Super Twilight Burrito! Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

March 25, 2016

Super Sugoi CAST
Episode 17: One Punch: The Puzzle Art of Silent Straws

March 11, 2016

Super Sugoi CAST
Episode 16: Guardian of the Dark Hadouken Hologram

February 26, 2016


LHG Cast
The All-Time PS1 Classics Draft: Who Ya Got?

December 28, 2015

LHG Cast
The Comprehensive Post-PSX Episode

December 16, 2015

LHG Cast
Getting Acquainted with the New “Paris Games Week”

November 9, 2015

LHG Cast
The Beta Played ‘Round the World’

October 21, 2015

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