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    Episode 167: The Triumphant Return of Dr. Shelby!

    Our hosts are far from needing counseling, but they might be on their way after the past couple of weeks of RAW. On SMACKDOWN LIVE, they talk about the slap heard ’round the world. 205 LIVE was once again fantastic, and “THE LIST” button got a nice workout as well. Plus, some questions from Facebook! More

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    Episode 162: The Bill Regal Show!

    Marianne rejoins the show to review all of the WWE Universe shows! Well, not Superstars. Maybe one day. ANYWAY they start off the show by talking about TIME IS A FLAT CIRLCE. How did PWG fair in a new venue? Then it’s on to RAW, Smackdown LIVE, 205 LIVE, and NXT (for once). More

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    Episode 159: Steph Steph’s Battle Royal of Fun

    Please act like this isn’t a good replacement name for the women’s battle royal taking place at WrestleMania! This week, we talk all about 205 LIVE, RAW, and SMACKDOWN LIVE! John Cena challenged The Undertaker. Again. One of our two dads on SMACKDOWN LIVE is gone, and we get the first finalist from 205 LIVE […] More

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    Episode 158: Please Watch Fastlane

    The TTR crew is back again this week to talk about anything but FASTLANE. John Cena was back on RAW, to basically tell people to please watch FASTLANE. We also found out that Elias is a man of many musical talents…kind of. John runs down SMACKDOWN LIVE as quickly as possible, and our hosts marvel […] More

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    Episode 156: Monday Night Rollins

    After a three week hiatus, TTR is back! Our hosts talk all about the weekly WWE shows, including CONFIRMED “A” SHOW: 205 LIVE! They talk about how fantastic Seth Rollins was on RAW, and how SMACKDOWN LIVE is kind of boring now. Plus: NXT had another fantastic match between Johnny Gargano and Andrade Almas! More

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    Episode 153: A Drewtopian Fantasy

    The Royal Rumble is almost here! We’re pretty excited about it, but before that we have to talk about RAW, SMACKDOWN LIVE, and 205 LIVE! Marianne went to PWG’s MYSTERY VORTEX, and we get a recount of that event as well! Plus: Questions from Facebook! More

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