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    Jaden Smith on a Manhole

    John is joined this week by his good friends Bezhad and Kurt! They talk about a wide range of topics that include GTA V PC Mods, Age of Ultron, the relationship between Harley Quinn and The Joker, the leaked Supergirl pilot, and the controversial scene from last week’s Game of Thrones! Bezhad also tells us […] More

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    Biggs Darklighter Goes to Ringer Hut

    The trio of Ernesto, John, and Dylan are back once again to start your week off right! We’re talking TV, Movies, and even a little video games! We ask the question: Which version of Quicksilver? We also talk about that Suicide Squad cast photo, the Star Wars documentary “Deleted Magic”, and the Gotham finale! This, […] More

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    Succeeding as a Micromanager

    KrrobarKAST is back! This week, Mike is joined by John as they discuss various television shows and the episodes that justify those shows! They also read some e-mails, and Mike talks about a strange request he received from a fan of his. Mentioned in this Episode: Inspector Spacetime on Community Senor Chang Rap Mike: Bookseller […] More