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    Episode 69: The Mind Robber OR Not That Master

    The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe…in an attempt to escape a rather foamy volcano (or was it just indigestion?)…manage to explode the TARDIS and manage to find themselves in the Land of Fiction, only to experience one of the most brilliantly bonkers stories we’ve ever reviewed on Podcastica! Our hosts watched THE MIND ROBBER, and thinks […] More

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    Episode 3: A Very Visual Podcast

    We’re back, and boy do we have a fantastic episode for you! First off, our time traveling trio tackles some breaking Doctor Who news about a once lost Patrick Troughton serial. Then, in EVERYTHING CHANGES, we discuss the TORCHWOOD episode entitled “Ghost Machine”(S01E03). Then, we have the remaining eight Doctor’s battle it out to see […] More

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    The Tomb of the Cybermen OR The Brotherhood of Magicians!

    TOBERMAN, Captain Hooper, and scary Cybermen voices abound! PODcastica is back in studio after a brief Gallifrey One break! Before John and Taylor get to “The Tomb of the Cybermen”, they give you some WHO NEWS! New Who is streaming on Amazon, Peter Capaldi’s last season looks like next season, and they talk about some […] More


    The Woman Who Lived

    John and Taylor have returned from their epic Sophie Aldred interview to discuss “The Woman Who Lived”! The Doctor is rejoined by Maisie Williams/Ashildr/The Knightmare/Me to complete this two-parter! What did they think of this episode? Did Leandro’s voice sound too much like Worf’s? Could Rory Williams relate to Ashildr? Does the color purple have […] More

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    The Witch’s Familiar

    John and Taylor have hopped into their TARDIS and are ready to head to Skaro to review “The Witch’s Familiar”! How many answers did we get from the questions in “The Magician’s Apprentice”? Why are all the daleks leaking chocolate milk? Does Missy really have a daughter? Also: WHERE IS THE SONIC SCREWDRIVER(You might not […] More