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    s04e40: Back to the Boys

    Monica and Kenneth are properly back on track to keep Beatrice filled in on all The Boys happenings! We’re also really getting into the new season and the new feel of Titans, Jessica Jones is entering YASK (Yet Another Serial Killer) territory, and Krypton is….showing why it got canceled. Tune in for all that plus […] More

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    s04e38: Boys Redux

    Krypton may not be getting a third season but we’re here to talk about why its second season probably got itself killed… Fortunately Young Justice continues to delight as it hurtles toward their finale, plus we have more Jess and more Boys exploding supers. Krypton – s02e06Young Justice – s03e22Jessica Jones – s03e05The Boys – […] More

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    s04e35: The Boys Are Here

    We’re back with an extra long episode this week; Monica and Kenneth were just going to briefly check out The Boys and maybe say a thing or two about it but….they liked it too much and just won’t stop talking about it! We also have all your favorite meta-shows so come give it a listen! […] More