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    Top Dolla, Make ‘Em Holla!

    This week on YaketyCAST, Dylan returns from LA to tell us all about his weekend! We get excited for The Splat, and Ernesto raps every 90’s theme song you can think of in the process! Meanwhile, John tries to get everyone interested in Heroes: Reborn, Dylan tells a story about a pitch for a movie […] More

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    SDCC: The Mutant Power of Love

    The favorite (and only) trio of the NOTLG Network is back, and they’re talking all about the craziness that was San Diego Comic-Con! They talk about the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Did they all like it? Ash vs. Evil Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Deadpool, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.! There were […] More