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    Episode 97: Rich Swann is an Emoji

    This week on TTR, we cover all the weekly shows from the WWE Universe! On RAW we saw the WWE RAW WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP defended in the main event, and BRAUN STROWMAN speaking for the first time. Over on SMACKDOWN LIVE (The A Show), there was banter a plenty between MIZ TV and the STYLES/CENA/AMBROSE segment. […] More

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    Episode 95: Daniel Bryan is a Banned Book

    Another week has past, and our hosts still cannot seem to watch all of RAW. Well, unless it’s the four way Cruiserweight match! We preview this coming Sunday’s CLASH OF CHAMPIONS. Then, we gladly talk about THE A SHOW: Smackdown Live! John’s ready for a hoss fight between Jack Swagger and Baron Corbin, and both […] More

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    Episode 94: AJ, TJP, CWC, and Other Abbreviations

    WHAT A WEEK IT WAS, in the world of professional wrestling. On Sunday, SMACKDOWN LIVE put on one of the best WWE PPVs of the year in BACKLASH! We also kind of sort of watched RAW, couldn’t stop gushing about SMACKDOWN LIVE, and enjoyed Drew Gulak on NXT! Then, we talk about the CWC Finals […] More