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    SS01E05: They Were Gonna Eat that Dragon Anyway

    BPTV is back with episodes from our three summer shows: Daredevil, Wynonna Earp, and Preacher!! In this week’s episode of Daredevil (S02E08) we experience Murdoch & Nelson in the courtroom (kind of), Stick is back and sweet christmas, do we hate that guy, and [REDACTED] is [REDACTED]!! Wynonna Earp (S01E05) introduces a new character we’re […] More

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    SS01E04: Ladies Gotta Earn That Paper

    Our summer season is in full swing! First up is the Karen (I killed a man *wink wink*) Comedy Hour where we all seem to wish there was a bit more Law and a bit less Order in Daredevil (S02E07). None of us would have survived in Wynonna’s (S01E04) place if we had only two […] More

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    SS01E03: Brett Goes To The White House

    Our summer break from fifty shows rolls into it’s third week! Brett Mahoney is on the fast track to presidency as long as he stays buddy buddy with Nelson and Murdock (Daredevil S02E06). Then it’s a double trouble shot of Preacher (S01E02 & S01E03). We ruminate on if Jesse can control his power or if […] More