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    Episode 12: Links Awakening

    Come join Kurt and Kenneth as they close out Retrofecta’s first year with a game that’s held up exceedingly well, Link’s Awakening. Tuckered out from saving Hyrule once again, Link takes hops on his boat and crashes on a bonkers island. What do we think of the first big departure from the series norm? Do […] More

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    Episode 10 – Link to the Past

    It’s finally time! After months of saying “well this was a decent game but I can’t wait until we hit Link to the Past” we’re here and Kenneth’s trying not to gush too much. Come listen to our ramblings about Zelda’s timeline, which items we’re glad to see added in, our nitpicks with the game, […] More

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    Mini 001: Switch Launch Titles

    Retrofecta is back with our first mid-month release and Kenneth is flying solo today. Come get his initial thoughts on the Switch’s launch line up of games and which he’ll be picking up on day one. Spoiler, one of them is shockingly Breath of the Wild. More

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    Episode 87: Speaking of Dumb British People

    We’re back! Well, we’re back more than we were back last week. Ernesto and John are joined by their good friend Melanie! The trio talk about Mel’s cosplaying and her adventures in motherhood! Then, they talk about some of the video games they’re playing and Ernesto tells us about his “wonderful” GameStop experience. They also […] More

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    Episode 7: Super Mario Bros 3

    Come say a fond farewell to the Nintendo with Kurt and Kenneth as they wrap up their first console this month. They’re back for Super Mario Bros 3 and there are many thoughts and feelings! Is this their favorite Retrofecta game yet? Why the heck did it take so long to ship between the Japanese […] More

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    Episode 04: Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link

    It’s a new month and we’re back with the first sequel for Retrofecta! Both Kurt and Kenneth are a bit shocked to find out Zelda 2 held up better than they though and actually pulls from all three of the games they’ve previously covered. What are their final thoughts on it? Where do they rank […] More

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    Episode 2: The Legend of Zelda

    Retrofecta is back and this month we dive into The Legend of Zelda (The Hyrule Fantasy as it’s known elsewhere). Kurt and Kenneth cover everything from rabbits being the most dangerous of enemies to how Miyamoto pushed this release into new social areas of gaming. As always, we go over the speed runners who put […] More

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    Zelda Delayed Til NX Launch

    We’re back again guys! This time we talk about how the new Legend of Zelda game was delayed til the launch of the NX, Nioh and how our gaming preferences have changed over the years! You can also find us on: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to us on iTunes Visit […] More

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    Marianne Was Bitten By A Hamster

    Ernesto and John are joined this week by pineapple-hating guest host Marianne! The trio talk about the worst movie they’ve ever seen, the cancellation of Yahoo! Screen, and Steve from Blue’s Clues! They also talk about the hand full of trailers that came out in the past week, as well as some movie news! So […] More

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    Day One Recap!

    After several false-starts, our hosts finally break down their Thursday experiences (alcohol may have been involved). They talk about some of the art they purchased, the NASA Panel, the Adventure Time panel, some of the cosplay they say, and some of the cool places they went to eat! Thomas ran into Elijah Wood, and Peter […] More

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