Episode Three: Brandon

This week, John is joined by friend and host of MAGIC: THE CHATTERING Brandon! Brandon wanted to talk about bands/artists you may not be listening to, but you should be! They both run down their top five bands, along with some honorable mentions. Then, they discuss the various bands they’ve seen live and other music nonsense!

Brandon’s Top 5:
#1 The Bronx
#2 Grimes
#3 The Bad Light
#4 Lil Dicky
#5 UME

Honorable Mentions:
American Sharks
Big Wild

John’s Top 5:
#1 He Is Legend
#2 Unlocking The Truth
#3 All Hail The Yeti
#4 The Y Axes
#5 Beach Slang

Honorable Mentions:
The Heavy
Dinosaur Jr

Written by John Pingel

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