That’ll Do Vince, That’ll Do

We summarized WWE’s RAW on 9/29/2014. Dolph Ziggler defends his Intercontinental Championship in a Triple Threat Match against Cesaro, AKA The King of the Battle Royal, and The Miz! We also see some replacements for Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco as The Stooges!

Luke Harper got his very own promo this week, which foreshadows a big push. However, what’s to come of Erick Rowan? Could this be the split of The Wyatt Family?

How about that Divas match, with Brie Bella facing off against Cameron and Eva Marie? Who was it the easy win for?

John expresses him being “done” with Sheamus, fella.

RAW ends STRONGLY with The Authority kicking some ass. And how great is it that Dean Ambrose returned?

Jim Ross talks about possibly announcing at a NJPW event. And you’d never guess who could be his announcing partner! Global Force Wrestling will be presenting New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom event!

We also preview WWE’s Hell In A Cell PPV, and how we think the Main Event is going to pan out.

Written by Devo

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