Episode 149: A Very Game Jason Jordan

Tornado Tag Radio is back as a tag team this week! Marianne rejoins the podcast to bring us tales from the early 90’s! We briefly go over CLASH OF CHAMPIONS, followed by our disappointment in the Universal Championship match for ROYAL RUMBLE. On RAW, we had a fantastic announcement about the very first Rumble match featuring the entire Women’s Division. The saga of our two SMACKDOWN LIVE dads continued, and we try to make sense of whatever Dolph Ziggler is doing. John decided to watch NXT this week, and he made a very good decision. How good was PETE DUNNE vs. TYLER BATE? Well, it was very good. Then we take a boatload of questions from Facebook! Happy Rusev Day, one and all!

Written by John Pingel

s03e10: Marvelpalooza

S35E14 Finally Finale