Ep. 2: Get Out (2017)

This month our mostly fearless cast (looking at you, Kenneth) gathered to watch GET OUT, Jordan Peele’s 2017 directorial debut. With the deceptively simple story of a young interracial couple venturing out to the country to meet her parents for the first time, GET OUT proves to be rich with subtle detail and thoughtful analysis of liberal racism in America. It also has Rod of the motherfuckin’ TSA!

We’re all in agreement that GET OUT is already one of the new generation of horror classics. Whether or not Peele decides to stay in the horror genre for his next film, veer back into comedy, or pick an entirely different direction, the excellence of GET OUT guarantees it will be worth seeing.

Music used in this podcast: ‘An Abandoned Ballroom’ by Lyndon Scarfe. ‘An Abandoned Ballroom’ by Lyndon Scarfe is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License, via Creative Commons [].

Written by Beatrice


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