I Know What You Podcasted Last Summer EP6: Halloween (’78) & Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (’98)’

It’s a very special Halloween for the IKWYPLS Crew!

We celebrated our favorite holiday appropriately by watching “Halloween” and then continued to witness Michael Myers terrorize Laurie 20 years later in “Halloween H20”. John Carpenter created true terror on the cheap, as most of us try to do, and gave us a reason to think the boogeyman was real. Could “Halloween H20” ever compare to Carpenter’s classic? Some of us thought so!

Sadly Jacque could not be with us, but between the remaining crew the Pumpkin Queen or King was named!

Turn off the lights, eat your candy, and listen as the crew slashes into the bloody legend of Michael Myers!

Music used in this podcast: ‘An Abandoned Ballroom’ by Lyndon Scarfe. ‘An Abandoned Ballroom’ by Lyndon Scarfe is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License, via Creative Commons [].

Written by Mary

s03e03a: Who Spells Becky With EE

s03e03b: A Tale of Two Metaphors