Chili’s Stole Our Sunglasses

Happy New Year from YaketyCAST! We’re all either hung over and sick, but we still got together to talk about the week that happened in media! We watched the trailer for “Everybody Wants Some”, which brought up some interesting comments about “Dazed and Confused”. It came out that Leonardo DiCaprio had turned down a couple of roles, so we figure out what movies he wouldn’t have made if he took those roles. We also reminiscence about how terrible “Indian Jones and the Crystal Skull” was, and how slow the internet was in the 90’s.

Mentioned in this Episode:
Everybody Wants Some Trailer
The Walking Dead: Mid-Season Premiere Trailer
The Google search for “Night Nurses”
George Lucas Gives No Fucks
Star Trek: Renegades Episode One
Emo Kylo Ren Twitter

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Written by John Pingel

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