Episode 85: Iago The Living Planet

After another lengthy break, the YAK is BACK! We open the show this week by discussing Pokemon Go(which was a sentence that also rhymes). We talk about the new GHOSTBUSTERS movie, and Ernesto has an interesting pitch for his own version of the movie! Dylan has some strong words for THE KILLING JOKE movie, and two thirds of us saw STAR TREK: BEYOND. Also, we discuss LITERALLY EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED AT SAN DIEGO COMIC CON. Probably. We might have missed one or two things. We also mention SAMURAI PIZZA CATS, which are words that probably haven’t been said together since 1993. All this, and much more!

Mentioned in this Episode:
Defendant Rick and Judge Morty
Legends of the Hidden Temple Trailer
Kong: Skull Island Trailer
Blair Witch Trailer
Gotham Season 3 Trailer
Sherlock Season 4 Trailer
American Gods Trailer
Split Trailer
Doctor Strange Official Trailer
Wonder Woman Trailer
Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage
Iron First Trailer
The Defenders Trailer
Luke Cage Trailer
Daredevil Season 3 Announcement Trailer
Marvel Studio’s New Open
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 4 “Ghost Rider” Teaser Promo
Guardians of the Galaxy DCA Ride
Samurai Pizza Cats Intro

Written by John Pingel

EP.4 One Fatal Flaw

SS01E09: Yeah, We’re in a Mötley Crüe Video