It’s Not Jason Bateman.

After a short break, Ernesto and John are back! This week, our duo is joined by Alex and Justin Hill from the NOTLG’s newest show: Super Sugoi CAST! They talk all about Bloodborne, Deadpool, Mad Max: Fury Road, a possible Metal Gear Solid movie, and much more!

Also, hear about Ernesto’s confrontation with someone at three in the morning and if John enjoyed Tower of Terror at California Adventure!

In This Episode

  • Deadpool Rating Announcement
  • Mad Max Fury Road Trailer
  • James Bond Spectre Trailer
  • Masterminds Trailer
  • Mr. Show “”The Audition””
  • Mega64 Resident Evil 4
  • Gumby & Pokey – In The Dough
  • Mouse Hunt Trailer
  • Supermarket Sweep Debut
  • The New Shop Til You Drop
  • Written by Devo

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