M3: 17 Thor 3

Three months and seventeen movies later and we’ve done it. With half a day to spare, the Bam Pow team rewatched the entire MCU to prepare for Infinity War’s release and what better way to cap it off than with one of our favorite of the movies, Thor 3: Ragnarok. (Quick aside, since Black Panther is still in theaters we’ll be seeing it again after Infinity War and adding it to our ranking then.)

What happens when Thor loses his hair, his home, and goes to space? A crazy romp through 80s color and amazing music and we are here for it. Come listen to us dive into a movie that balances humor and an end of their world story so well, while also tackling themes like immigration, family, and colonialism. What do we think of all these themes mixed together and where does it fall on our lists? Hint: we love the heck out of this movie!

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Written by Kenneth

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