Episode 21: Hellier Part Two OR Doug’s Glorious Purpose

Road to Hellier Road Sign. Photo courtesy of RooGirl78.

Night of the Living Geeks · Click Here to Listen to All Night with the Living Geeks Episode 21: Hellier Part Two OR Doug’s Glorious Purpose

This month we reach the halfway point in our three-part look at the Hellier case (so far!). In the first half of the second season, we grapple with a less linear storytelling technique as we follow the team through the research and experiences they had between wrapping filming on season one and actually releasing season one! If you thought they were just sitting back and relaxing, you’d be wrong! We also dive pretty heavily on some insane cipher hits that really drive home the bizarre reality of all this. By the way, there’s a better Secret Cipher link in the show notes, so be sure to check that out!

The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult
Seb’s Descent into The Archives
The Goodreads Mega List of Hellier-related Books
Buy the Hellier Soundtrack because you know the music is amazing!
Try out the Secret Cipher for yourself

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Written by Taylor


  1. Guys …. bread trucks??

    31:00 or so, where Lonnie Scott has Karl under hypnosis, and asks about the goblins.

    Lonnie: Do they have to be appeased, or receive offerings, or some sort of signal to allow access to those gates?

    Karl: They have to be summoned. With … bread?

    Dun dun DUNNN!

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