Episode 007: Camping OR Getting Our Lips Stuck in Tree Top Apple Juice Cans

Seb and Taylor are back and this time they’re talking about camping memories from their youth! Camping in Yosemite, memories of the awesome shuttle buses the Valley had, many of the firsts they had in the home of El Capitan! And why did everyone shout Elmer! in the middle of the evening? Beach camping in their tweens and early teens. Frisbee on a sod farm, body surfing on a rocky beach, and a possible unsubstantiated UFO sighting?!
Also, apologies in advance because Taylor was under the weather during the recording and his levels are a bit inconsistent.

Bill and Ted Face the Music moves into pre-production
An utterly massive vintage gaming collection goes to auction May 31st
Atari Co-Founder Ted Dabney has died, age 81
LA Times article about lightning deaths on Half Dome
NPS article about the possible origins of Elmer in the Yosemite Valley

Written by Taylor


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