Episode 22: Cars and Car Culture OR Faux Wood Panel Deluxe

September has arrived and with it, a new episode of If Memory Serves! This month, Seb & Tay talk about the car and car culture memories that aren’t a bunch of old Volkswagens! Family cars, dad’s sports car, toys, car shows, and so much more! Check out our show notes below for news and other references made in the episode! And please, be sure to rate and review us on whatever platform you listen!

Mysterious creature with a TV for a head escapes Dire Straits video, delivers old TVs to Virginia neighborhood
This glitchy version of Pac-Man might drive you mad
A prequel series to The Dark Crystal has dropped on Netflix
The Kenner Saturn Seeker
The Hot Wheels Stagefright
The Real Stagefright Hot Rod
Pi-Rats Artist Doug Hansen’s Site

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Written by Taylor

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