Episode 139: The Tsuranga Conundrum OR The Adventures of Avocado Pear

John and Taylor this week are back with a bit of a hot take. We’re kind of feeling out where Doctor Who is at and where it’s going with The Tsuranga Conundrum. Where did the hits land and where did they miss? Or is it all just getting gobbled up like spaceships at the Pting Thanksgiving? We discuss all that, Who News, and the new Behind the Couch scale! Come check it out!

More Guests Announced for Gallifrey One
Ep 7 & 8 Titles and Synopses
BFI to Screen 10 minutes of animated Wheel in Space
Paternoster Gang reuniting for Big Finish
Doctor Who needs to stop trying to prove its Doctor Who
Another interesting S11 theory from ScreenRant

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Written by Taylor

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