Episode 243: Eve of the Daleks OR We Are Not Nick

Eve of the Daleks

Night of the Living Geeks · Click Here to Listen to Podcastica Episode 243: Eve of the Daleks or We Are Not Nick

Friends! 2022 has already given us this little gem of an episode! That’s right, we loved Eve of the Daleks! Though we have one minor nitpick, we were delighted by what Team TARDIS was able to do with a small cast, an enclosed set, and the old time loop trope! We got explosions, emotions, action, and the confirmation of the Thasmin Agenda! Let’s grab a little bit of the leftover champers from NYE and dig into it!

CultBox has a breakdown of the very short trailer for the Doctor Who Spring Special
Season 17 will be the next to get the Blu-ray treatment
Big Finish will be making audio dramas through 2030
Gallifrey One’s Early December Guest Update
Gallifrey One’s Late December Guest Update

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Written by Taylor

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