Episode 143: It Takes You Away OR Granny Five is Alive!

Somewhere amongst the fjords of Norway, lonely…pining…it calls out. It desires, it mourns, it reaches out…and I’m not even talking about the human characters in this story! No, an entire universe wants companionship, to be part of everything else. And so unfolds the most bizarre, beautiful, and poignant Doctor Who in some time.
This week John & Taylor review “It Takes You Away” and they were both quite impressed with the episode! Was it the best of the season so far? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out! Be sure to share us with your friends!

Jodie is presenting Bedtime Stories on CBBC on Friday
The Radio Times took a look at the strange world of unlicensed DW spinoffs
Tom Baker’s final season (18) is coming to Blu-Ray
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Written by Taylor

s04e07: Australia Edition

s04e08: Ice Cream Bets