Episode 144: The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos OR Yippie-Ki-Ay MuthaRobots

Through the Doctor’s own actions, she sets into a motion a complete crisis of faith amongst a generation of Ux that leads to a 3407 year reign of terror by a former foe over anyone who’d previously wronged him. Can the Doctor correct things? Will Graham suddenly turn into this season’s Samuel L Jackson? Let’s find out!
Taylor and John sit down to dissect the Season Finale of Doctor Who and discuss, in deeper terms, what makes a good season finale. Have we been conditioned by earlier seasons to expect a big blowout? Can a more muted finale be just a tense and have the same payoffs? We discuss!

Good News, Jodie isn’t going anywhere!
Bad News, we don’t actually get Season 12 until 2020
io9 has a look back at Doctor Who’s first Christmas special
The Macra Terror is getting the animated treatment!
Doctor Who Picks up Two Wins in ‘I Talk Telly’ Awards
And a little more Gally news
BBC America has a Doctor Who Yule Log

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Written by Taylor

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