Episode 145: Resolution OR Yes Please, Chibs, More of This!

Happy New Year, everyone! Welcome to the only new 13th Doctor story we’re apparently getting this year. It’s Resolution (of the Daleks)! We finally get some epic action, explosions, car chases, and some classic elements in this current generation of Doctor Who! John and Taylor dive in and see how Chibs and the team have done breathing a little bit of new life into the show’s longest-running baddie! Come join us for a new year’s day adventure!

James Marsters is Returning as Cpt John Hart for Big Finish
Season 11 Soundtrack is coming in less than two weeks
A company called Classic Stills is releasing prints of high-res scenes from Doctor Who for you to hang on your wall
Riley Silverman has written a great review of Resolution and why current Who needs classic monsters
Toby Hadoke has released his 2018 Doctor Who in Memoriam

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Written by Taylor

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