Episode 147: Dr. Who and the Daleks OR Someone Set Us Up the Bomb

Dalekmania was once a thing. And it caused people to do some crazy things. For instance, the 1965 film Dr. Who and the Daleks in which we throw out most of Doctor Who canon to create an unusual alternate world in which a normal old doddering scientist just happens to create a time machine out of a Police box that’s bigger on the inside (and quite cluttered)and travel to Skaro to meet and defeat the Daleks. We definitely have feelings about this adventure, so come check it out!

The schedule for Gally has Dropped and your Hosts (and friends) are on some panels!
David Tennant is doing a podcast (and we’re just going to pretend he was inspired by us)
It appears as though Matt Smith will be joining a movie about Spider Man villain Morbius
Gizmodo has gotten on the Big Finish train and is encouraging its readers to check out their work
Clive Swift, who played Jobel in Revelation of the Daleks and Mr. Copper in Voyage of the Damned, has died at age 82

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Written by Taylor

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