Episode 141: Kerblam! OR Liquidation Sale

The Doctor is visited by a robot with a message and soon team TARDIS is off to the Greatest Show in the Galaxy! Wait, no…wrong Doctor, different robot, definitely different villain. But they are off to the greatest warehouse in the galaxy where a mystery awaits and society‚Äôs fears of the future run deep. John and Taylor review Kerblam, we discuss recent news about the rest of the season, the New Year’s Day special, and Taylor goes on a bit of a shoot over unsubstantiated rumors in the fandom!

Titles & Synopses for Ep 9 & 10
Christmas Special Officially Moved to New Year’s Day
BBC Details about the New Year’s Day Special
Starburst Mag Confirms S12 to Air in Autumn 2019 (and then shares new rumors)
The 2018 Children in Need Special
Gallifrey One Discussion Panel Track is Now Open
Outpost Skaro Reporting of the Rumor about Series 12
Outpost Skaro Tweet about Not Revealing Their “Source”

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Written by Taylor

s04e05: Remembering Stan

s04e06: DICK (Grayson)