Episode 142: The Witchfinders OR Could it be…SATAN!?

Ya know, there’s something in the mud. The government is poisoning the mud and King James knows about it. The land owners know about it and, you know, they are…they’re trying to push their witchfinder agenda to clear out the villages and create their one-Morax government. That’s where my colloidal silver supplement comes in. You can get your own 30-day supply and rid Satan from your life.
This week John and Taylor review The Witchfinders! Could this be John’s favorite episode of the season? Is that really Taylor attempting an Alex Jones impersonation? It is! And so much more!

Tom Baker’s idea for a Doctor Who movie, Scratchman, will be released in January as a novel
Jessica Martin is bringing Mags to run with the 7th Doctor for Big Finish
More Time War stories are coming from Big Finish
Billie Piper is returning as Rose Tyler for The Dimension Cannon for Big Finish in September 2019
Amazon accidentally streamed The Witchfinders days early!
The Game of Rassilon is coming to your ears as an RPG actual-play podcast

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Written by Taylor

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