Episode 152: Snakedance OR A Side of Mara-Nara Sauce

The Mara, done chillin’ in the recesses of Tegan’s mind, sets our team on an adventure to Manussa where he’s/it’s (I double checked its gender) determined to return to full strength in a move worthy of Voldemort. However, all it’s armed with (pun…snakes have no arms) is a ritual and a crystal stolen from the hood of an 84 Chrysler LeBaron convertible.

John and Taylor are back to review the 5th Doctor story Snakedance! Originally suggested by friend-of-the-show Mike, it was feared this might be a trap of pure bonkers. Instead, John found himself completely under the spell of the Mara and completely loved this story. Will you be equally enamored? You’ll have to listen to find out!

As far as Matt Smith knows, he’s not actually in Star Wars IX
Matt is playing Charles Manson and hoo boy is it creepy!
Intl Women’s Day has come and gone, but Big Finish had a great release to honor it
Bookwyrm, an unauthorized guide to Doctor Who novels is out now!
Big Finish is bringing First Doctor companion Katarina back from the dead

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Written by Taylor

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