Episode 166: Timelash OR I’ll Get You Next Time, Doctor! Next Time!!

Well, we thought we’d hit bottom all those years ago with Sleep No More and The Twin Dilemma and probably some others. But if there’s one thing we tend to be good at, it’s finding the good (or at least the decent) in a story that is otherwise lacking. And we do our best with that for TIMELASH, a 6th Doctor two-parter that has been called the worst story of Doctor Who. Thankfully, we also have a ton of new Season 12 news and Gallifrey One announcements to distract us.

We have a trailer! But no premiere date yet…
Oh wait, no, we have a premiere date and another trailer!
And we have more Gally guests!
Stephen Fry and Lenny Henry have been confirmed as Season 12 Guest Stars
Goran Visnjic and Robert Glenister have also been confirmed as Season 12 Guest Stars
And we’re getting Pearl Mackie at Gally! Michelle Ryan, too!
Oh, and Eaglemoss is dropping new Companion sets early next year

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Written by Taylor

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