Episode 254: Planet of Fire OR Logar! Of the Hill People!

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Wowwee wow wow! Friends, before we get into PLANET OF FIRE, we have a ton of Who News to discuss because in the last two weeks we’ve had the reveal of the 14th Doctor, news that Tennant and Tate are returning for something to coincide with the 60th, and maybe we have a new companion cast? Anyway, we cover all that and then get into the introduction of Peri, the departure of Turlough, and the merciful (to the audience) death of Kamelion all while The Master is try to solve a teensy problem he has! That’s right! We nearly get a new benchmark for bonkers with Planet of Fire!

Ncuti Gatwa has been announced as the new Doctor!
We also know a bit about what Ncuti’s audition was like
David Tennant & Catherine Tate will be returning for something related to the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who
And now we have companion news as Yasmin Finney joins the cast!

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Written by Taylor

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