Episode 257: The Leisure Hive OR Copy! Paste! Pangol!

The Doctor Separated in the Magic Closet

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Up to now, we hadn’t done any stories from Season 18 shy of Logopolis and we were missing out! This time we look at The Leisure Hive and while it starts with a bit of a slow-burn murder mystery it soon cranks up the bonkers with some of the greatest cliffhangers we’ve ever seen, a completely WTF ending, and a race of aliens who die when they’ve lost all the blueberries from their heads! Get ready for some wild blue screen magic with The Leisure Hive!

Eric Roberts’s second Master box set is coming to Big Finish in October!
Russell T Davies teases Doctor Who announcements
Doctor Who filming in Bristol continues with scenes set in the past
Doctor Who Rumor: TARDIS interior to be wheelchair accessible

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