Episode 294: The Star Beast OR Shatterfry the Positrons!

The Star Beast

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DOCTOR WHO IS BACK, BABY! Holy smokes, are we ever stoked to have Doctor Who back on our screens! This time around, we dive into the first of the 60th Anniversary specials: The Star Beast! Yes, we have small nitpicks, but they’re small and don’t take away from our overall enjoyment of this adventure. We won’t spoil any of it here, so slap on those headphones, flip all the switches you can find, and settle in for The Star Beast!

The 60th Anniversary Specials are Available to Pre-Order on DVD & Blu-ray
File Under Rumor: A Sea Devils Spin-Off is Coming?
Master Replicas is Taking over the Doctor Who miniatures Production from Eaglemoss
Season 15 will apparently have a pretty wild episode!
And now for a little bit on Ruby Sunday’s backstory!
Could all of B&W Who get the colorized treatment?
Classic Who is also available on Tubi, in case you’re not in the UK

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Written by Taylor

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