Episode 295: Wild Blue Yonder OR A Lifeform with a Bum

Wild Blue Yonder

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Off we go! Off to watch Wild Blue Yonder!
Don’t worry, I won’t turn this entire synopsis into a song! It’s far too early for that. But this week we watched the 2nd of the 60th Anniversary Specials: Wild Blue Yonder! In which we learn the value in not knowing everything that’s going to happen in a story before it airs. And it was freakin’ bonkers as The Doctor and Donna land on a ship out at the edge of the universe where something (some…not-things) are trying to get in. And what ensues in a visually stunning adventures in which our beloved actors really get to work double duty!

We’ve got more Eric Roberts as The Master coming to Big Finish
We have more Gally guests announced
There’s some interesting speculation about The Boss that the Meep references
Spoilers?! Get ready for a peek at Ruby Sunday’s backstory

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Written by Taylor

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